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What exactly is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a fully operational and functional "work space" allowing individuals and their companies to complete the necessary tasks to carry out professional and personal business without the costs of having a "physical" business location.

What services does California Virtual LLC provide?

We offer several different Virtual Packages, as well as additional features that can be added to any of our packages, to custom fit the needs of each of our clients i.e. business address, mail services, mail forwarding, Live-answering services, Fax to email, Voicemail notifications, 411 directory listing, personalized local phone numbers, conference room and private office rentals, and more.

How can California Virtual LLC help my growing business?

Your business will have an actual street address in an actual Corporate Office building located in Beverly Hills, not a PO Box or mailbox pretending to be a suite. No matter where you operate your business, only you will know that you are not in California. In addition,

having a physical Beverly Hills office address can help advance your business to the next-level. We allow our clients to reduce their costs costs while still preserving their professional image. 

During what times am I able to check my mailbox?

24/7. You can check your mailbox anytime, any day. We assign each client with their own private 4 x 4 locked mailbox and key, that they can access at all times. 

Do you provide phone numbers or can I use an existing number I have?

California Virtual LLC provides each our clients with a local personalized phone number for their business when they sign up for any of our phone packages. If you have any existing numbers you would like to continue to use, you can forward those to us at no cost.

Can I use the location as my corporate mailing address?

Yes, you may use the address as your corporate mailing address. Once you sign up with us, our address is your address. You can use it for your business cards, website, letterhead, as well as for your business registering and licensing needs.

Do you offer fax numbers? Toll-free numbers?

Yes. We have fax numbers and toll-free numbers available to our clients at an additional cost.

How soon can my new address be set-up?

Once we have received all the required forms and information needed to set up a client, we can complete the set-up within 3-48 hours, depending on the package and services you choose. 

Do you have conference rooms available for meetings?

Yes. We have conference rooms and private offices that can be rented on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. You do not have to be a virtual client to rent them, although you do get better rates if you sign up with us.

What are the fees for renting the conference room or private office?

Virtual Clients- $20/ hr—during business hours

Non Clients-- $40/ hr—during business hours

Can I have my mail forwarded? How often?

Yes. For an additional fee, we can forward your mail to the address of your choice, as often as you like. You can choose daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly forwarding depending on your preference. You can modify these settings anytime to cater to your business needs. 

How much is mail forwarding?

We charge $2 for regular 9 x 12 envelope, or $4 for oversized envelopes. If you have a FedEx or UPS account we can forward your mail using your account for a $5 service charge.

What if I need to cancel my virtual Office? How do you cancel?


If you sign a 1 or 2-year contract with us and need to terminate your account before your agreement expires you are required to pay the early termination fee specified in your lease agreement. The prices vary depending on our package, services, and contract length.


If you are a month-to month client, we require 30 days’ notice in writing for all cancellation requests. You are required to pay for the full final month, we do not pro-rate that so we recommend you submit any request to cancel on the 1st or last day of the month.



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