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About California Virtual LLC




Located in Beverly Hills, California Virtual LLC delivers unsurpassed business and consulting solutions to accommodate the specific needs of most businesses and professionals. Our virtual business solutions provide you with all the essential tools and services necessary for running a professional business, while giving your company the prestigious corporate image it desires. Our Virtual Office solutions are ideal for start-up companies, small or home-based businesses, international businesses looking to expand to the US, and any company interested in reducing costs while maintaining a professional presence. California Virtual offers flexible, convenient and cost effective virtual office solutions.


At California Virtual LLC, our professional staff is dedicated to providing you and your clients with superlative customer service that exceeds expectations. Our team members are knowledgeable in all aspects of a virtual office, allowing them to provide the most effective service. We continue to expand our knowledge and services as new technology becomes available, in order to ensure that all the individual needs of our clients are met. Our staff and the level of customer service we provide have allowed us to establish and maintain our partnerships with hundreds of clients.


As today’s business world continues to grow and change, so will the needs of your business. Our virtual office solutions give you the flexibility and agility to accommodate those needs.


California Virtual LLC prides itself on providing each and every one of our clients with a superior level of service that can’t be beat. It is a privilege for us to represent and assist you and your business, which is what makes California Virtual LLC the best choice for you.





At California Virtual LLC our business is your business.

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